In case you are up and running with Sitecore 9, it is time to get your hands on SXA 1.5. The team has done a great job with this version functionality wise, but there is one catch if you want to use search together with Solr.

As you may already know, Sitecore 9 comes with Solr, this is one of the prerequisites.

In order to get your indexes up and running you need to:

  • enable App_Config\Include\z.Foundation.Overrides\Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Search.Solr.config
  • deploy Schema
  • rebuild the indexes

When you do that, you will notice in your Crawler.log errors that certain fields are missing from your sitecore_master_index and sitecore_web_index.

To fix this, go to your Solr instance and on the left select Core Selector. First pick your master_index and click on Schema.


Now select Add Dynamic Field, value *_tm with type text_general as it is shown on the picture. Also select multiValued.


Your saved field should now look like this:


Do exactly the same but this time for the field *_pl. When you are done with master_index do the same for web_index. After that you can rebuild your indexes and use Solr with SXA.