Exactly one week later, after all the travelling and jet lags and sorting out the impressions, the time has come to look back at this year's Symposium, and what a conference it has been!

Let's kick it off with this year's big news: Sitecore has acquired StyleLabs, a DAM and marketing content management system with some effective workflows. For more information about StyleLabs, check it here.

Although we are used to talking about technology at these conferences, this time we were reminded of how technology can impact others. Sitecore has brought a human feeling and did the remarkable work with SickKids. During the event, $50,000 was raised and donated to SickKids for building the new hospital.

What's new in Sitecore 9.1?

Cortex will be released together with Sitecore 9.1. This powerful part of Sitecore can be split into 2 halves:

  • Data scientists
    • Processing engine
    • ML server
    • Scoring
    • Model training
    • Model storage
  • Marketer
    • Personalisation
    • Rules Suggestion
    • Content optimisation
    • Content tagging
    • Path analysing

If this is not a good reason enough to upgrade, I don’t know what it is.


JSS will be available in 9.1 and wait for it... it will be open sourced! I am really looking forward to seeing how the development will manifest in the future.

Horizon – As some of you may remember, the first time we heard about Horizon was at last year’s Symposium in Vegas, and since then there was a cloud of silence. But boy did they surprised us. This year we got the chance to see the preview how Horizon is progressing and is intended to look. It is a very sleek (and fast) UI editor with the dashboards which will provide insights valuable for marketers.

SXA - Now where would I be if there was no SXA impression in place :) ? We got a sneak peek into what 1.8 version will bring, and the first news is: SXA will be WCAG 2.0 compatible (not all of the renderings in the beginning). The Wireframe theme has been cleaned up and polished, no more Comic Sans style. Cross-site linking will be possible with the newest version, something which is highly appreciated! Let the countdown begin!

Presenting at Symposium

This year I had the privilege to be selected as one of the speakers for Development and IT track with the topic: Where machine learning meets social #ThinkYouKnowMe. Bellow, you can find the abstract of the talk together with the slides. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Learn how a social network (Twitter) can be combined with machine learning (ML) and leveraged to enhance the user experience. During the presentation, we'll focus on building an online book store using Sitecore Experience Commerce, SXA, xConnect, Twitter API, IBM Personal Insights, IBM Watson, and PowerBI. Most impactfully, we'll see how companies can produce true business impact through user experience WITHOUT storing a user's personal data (gender, twitter name, location, tweets). Using ML techniques, the trained model will recommend products (in this case, books) for the user. We will explore how users based in the Netherlands may have similar interests and needs as users in the U.S.


Move the Dial

move the dial

This year, the theme for Symposium was Elevate the experience, and for one particular day, the focus was on empowering women in technology. The track was started by keynote speaker Jodi Kovitz, founder and the CEO of #MoveTheDial, followed by panel discussion lead by Francine Anthony (Sr. Director, Global Partner Marketing, Sitecore). The panel included Paige O'Neill (Sitecore, Chief Marketing Officer), Jodi Kovitz (CEO & Founder of #movethedial), Rose Manjarres (Senior Vice President, Senior VP, Digital & Technology, CBRE), Allison Simpkins and (Managing Director Toronto & Senior VP of North America, Valtech) Julie Koepsell (Managing Director, Mirum).

At the end of the discussion, there were so many questions and the panel hit all the right points! I really do hope that Sitecore continues to have panel discussions of this type!

Elevate Your Career Experience: Empowering Women in Tech

sitecore mvp all female panel

Followed by #MoveTheDial and the panel talk, another panel talk was happening just afterwards. I was beyond honoured and privileged to be part of the fantastic group of Sitecore MVPs. The panel included: Jill Grozalsky, Christina Hauge Engel, Wendy Derstine, Isabel Tinoco, Amanda Shiga, Margaret Wise, Ethel Crosby, Ishraq Fatafta, Liz Spranzani, Jacqueline Baxter, Kelly Brennan, Angela Gustafson, Hetal Dave, Deepthi Katta, Sandy Foley, Pamela King, Allison Abraham Simpkins and myself.

To read more about the panel, please check Wendy's blog post here, she described it perfectly.

And last but not least..

Meme and the living meme finally in one picture, community achievement unlocked!